This is a partial list of accessories available for your metal roof. To see a complete list, contact your Mueller sales rep.


Mueller trim components can provide a cleaner and more finished look for your roof. In an effort to minimize paint scratches during transit, we apply a protective plastic coating to some trim items. Be sure to remove the protective coating before installation. Avoid exposing the items to direct sunlight, which could make the plastic more difficult to remove. Download a trim catalog to see some trim component options.

Closures & Sealers

Our panel closures are made of dense foam and shaped like each panel type to closures for hips and valleys. They offer 2.75' coverage for AP Panels, R Panels and U Panels. We have closures with adhesive strip, panel closure, foam closure 25' rolls and formed vented closure 50' rolls

Sealants are used on a roof to protect against water from getting underneath the roofing panels. Our polyurethane caulk is available in many colors and provides excellent flexibility and weather-tight seals. Sealant tape is a butyl rubber sealant, providing great cohesive strength and durability in all of your metal building and roofing applications. We have 25' sealant tape 1/4" x 3/16", 50' sealant tape 1/2" x 3/32" and 40' sealant tape 1" x 1/8"

Emseal Sealant

Our most versatile sealant! It expands to seal irregular surfaces and nooks and crannies, maintaining weather-tightness during thermal expansion and contraction of metal panels. Available in 5/16" x 1" x 13' and 3/8" x 1" x 13'.

Pipe Flashing

All homes have pipes penetrating through the roof for ventilation. Since there is no metal roofing trim that can seal these penetrations, pipe flashing is used to create a tight rubber seal around them. Our pipe flashing has a flexible aluminum square base, allowing it to be molded and sealed to the roof panel. Sizes fit from 1/4" – 18".

Underlayment - TITANIUM-UDL™

Advanced polymers are combined to deliver a unique synthetic roofing underlayment that can be used under all types of primary roofing materials to replace felt. Gray technology provides reflectivity for a cooler roof, and the best UV exposure properties (6 months) in the marketplace.

Oil Canning Reduction Trim

A wavy appearance – called "oil canning" – often occurs in the flat areas of formed metal products, such as metal roofs. Oil canning doesn't affect the  structural integrity of the metal – it’s simply an aesthetic issue, and sometimes affects Mueller's CF and AP panels. You can greatly minimize this effect with Mueller's Easy-Install Metal Strips (for CF Panels) or Foam Strips (for AP Panels). It’s just one more example of Mueller going the extra mile to keep your roof looking great. The term oil canning is an industry standard used to describe this occurrence and is not a reason for rejection.


Woodgrip screws are a metal to wood fastener designed to self-drill metal panels and tap into the wood beneath. Our 1/4" hex head woodgrips provide quick engagement and exceptional pull out strength. Low-profile fasteners feature an aerodynamic design, providing an aesthetically pleasing alternative to a hex-head screw. They were specifically designed to use with our concealed fastener (CF) panel for a sleek appearance.